About me

Well, we all have to start some place and I guess that time has arrived now.

Every introduction starts with a name. And so must mine! But the name is bestowed upon us when we are mere hatchlings. It is only later in our lives when we embark on the perilous journey of self discovery and
enlightenment that we get a glimpse of our inner selves. My sobriquet of choosing is

But this blog is less about me and more about the escapades of my polygamous missus. Surely, it would not be solely confined to her paramours and their trysts; rather, it would be a pathway for self-realization and a spiritual awakening for both of us, and the readers of my blog.

As it would be primarily myself who would be chronicling her exploits, I might hasten to divulge a few tidbits about my orientations. I am a submissive, effeminate introvert who is tempted by the charms of well-endowed, dark, alpha males. I am besotted with books; I am enamored with ancient mythology and folklore and I believe in the diversity of cultures, hence anthropology fascinates me greatly. Literature and scents hold a special place in my heart and I do dabble in creative writing occasionally. But most importantly sexual taboos and ‘stigmas’ that plague our inner psyche have consumed me in my early teens. To be ‘different’ and rediscovering yourself should not merit a label or a classification of a certain kind.

Certain cultures have shown to be more sexually repressive and have nurtured individuals with broken psyches and tormented souls. Machismo and bravado have plagued these eastern cultures even more dramatically.

Shackles, prejudices, stigmas…..!